South Hills Physical Therapy

Mission Statement

It is the mission of South Hills Physical Therapy Clinic to restore and support physical function, health and vitality for all beings through integrated therapies.

The Secrets of Nature’s Design are Alignment and Lubrication!

Andrew Still, DO, the founder of Osteopathy, created a form of medicine that is over 150 years old that focuses on the healing of Nature’s structure, form, and function of the body. Doctors of Osteopathy go through the same rigorous training as medical doctors, with the main emphasis on the STRUCTURAL and FUNCTIONAL integrity of the body!

Dutch physical therapist, Patricia M. Kortekaas, PT, developed Human Normalization Therapy© (HNT) and Animal Normalization Therapy© (ANT) techniques for veterinarians using common Principles of Osteopathy. One of the most distinct principle of osteopathy is the importance that the body protects itself and survives the impact of an injury.

The body will PROTECT around a HIERARCHY of IMPORTANCE:
  1. Blood supply, lymph system, and unifying fascia
  2. The central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system
  3. The organs
  4. Endocrine system
  5. Musculo-skeletal system

What is Human Normalization Therapy?


Human Normalization Therapy© (HNT) is defined as “a unique combination of manual therapy techniques derived from the Principles of Osteopathy with its main goal to ‘normalize’ and ‘restore‘ vascular, lymphatic, neurological, and fascial dysfunctions in the body”. HNT© is subdivided into six unique categories:

   1. Vascular Normalization Techniques – manipulation of blood vessels
   2. Lymphatic Normalization Techniques – resolve lymph stagnation
   3. Fascia/Dura Normalization Techniques – alter fascial lines
   4. Neurological Gait Normalization Techniques – resolve gait alteration
   5. Cranial-Sacral Normalization Techniques – cranium/dura techniques
   6. Functional Indirect Techniques – unwinding techniques

Patricia with dog
Oak St Clinic – (Humans)
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18th & Oak Clinic – (Animals)
74 E. 18th St., Unit #6
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