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canine physical therapyAs a physical therapist of humans, I got interested in treating animals one day twenty years ago when my Golden Retriever "Bengeltje" started to limp on her front leg. We stopped and I manipulated her shoulder just as I did with humans. My dog went on without a limp for the rest of the walk. Those quick improvements definitely got me interested to study this subject. At that time I was already using osteopathic techniques with humans with great success. It occurred to me that animals might have the same benefits from these manipulations. I started practicing with different modalities and techniques, and saw improvement in many physical conditions with cats and dogs.

I studied the anatomy of many animals, translated the osteopathic techniques to these creatures, and off we went on this marvelous adventure of animal physical therapy.

feline physical therapyNow I have been treating animals for the past twenty years and have lectured at many veterinary (AHVMA, First International Symposium for Veterinary Medicine and Physical Therapy, IVAS, and Wild West conferences), and physical therapy conferences (APTA and OPTA) in the last ten years. I teach osteopathic techniques and rehabilitation classes for veterinarians, physical therapists, and other health practitioners in the United States and Europe.

I have implemented the same manual therapy skills and the impact of gluten on the endocrine and musculo-skeletal (MS) systems of cats and dogs as I described in the humans physical therapy section. The impact from the grains on cats and dogs ("leaky gut syndrome") has been a growing concern, and more animals are being affected in the MS system, and the rest of the body. They present themselves with a variety of acute and/or chronic MS dysfunctions (right front and/or rear leg lameness), endocrine and orthopedic problems, which don't seem to get better with conventional approaches.

Currently, I am developing reflex techniques to improve the stagnation of the deep lymph circulation in our body quickly and efficiently. They are (visceral manual therapy) techniques that assist the body's natural capabilities to improve and enhance the proper fluid dynamics. Our environment has become so toxic (water and air pollution of wildfires, vaccines, chemicals, etc.), that our biggest challenge is to address the proper way to reduce the high levels of toxicity in our body.

Our group of clients is diverse and interesting. I treat common conditions and injuries such as:

  • Lymph stagnation and vascular restrictions
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Gluten impaction on the endocrine and musculo-skeletal system
  • Musculo-skeletal system: Abnormal gait and altered bio-mechanics, arthritic conditions, collateral and cruciate ligament damage, inflammation in joints and tissues, tendonitis, muscle atrophy, ROM problems, sprains and strains, post-fractures, and post-operative cases
  • Neurological conditions: Degenerative disc disease, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), paralysis, nerve impingements, Syringomyelia (SM)
  • Obesity and specific exercise programs
  • Hit by Cars (HBC)
  • Urinary tract dysfunctions (incontinent, urgencies, bladder and kidney stones, excessive spraying) and pancreatitis
  • Cranial-sacral dysfunction

I work closely with your referring veterinarian to keep him/her posted about your pet's progress. Our goal is to return your pet to normal function ASAP. The canine athletes, the working dogs, and the "happy go lucky" dogs are a big part of my practice.

See my animal web site for information and/or classes:


"We highly recommend Patricia Kortekaas, Animal Physical Therapist, at the South Hills Physical Therapy Clinic. She has helped our three dogs to overcome injuries and to feel better as they have aged. Patricia has a wealth of knowledge regarding overall animal care."
~ Steve J.
Sublimity, Oregon

"I cannot express how much I appreciate the very fine healing work that Patrice does. In addition to keeping my search dogs and I fit and healthy for the demands of our fieldwork, she shares her knowledge with doctors and vets interested in these very powerful healing modalities. Anyone with structural issues, especially anyone who has not had success with modern allopathic medicine, should make an appointment. You will be amazed by this caring, thoughtful, true healer."
~ Sharon Ward,
Portland, Oregon

Colin"I have a seven years old cavalier "King Charles" spaniel named Colin. Over the past two years he started showing signs of SM, syringomyella. He batted at his face uncontrollably three or four times an hour for a minute at a time. He would also cry out if you petted him on the head or neck. He had days where he acted like he had a very bad headache, crying out often, keeping his head down, and being very uncomfortable. He changed to a gluten free diet almost a year ago when one of our other dogs was having physical therapy for a back injury, and we found the gluten was causing inflammation in his nerves and cranium. Seeing the benefits of the diet combined with PT, led me to ask Patricia if we could try and help Colin. Colin started physical therapy in the winter and the results have been amazing. Now Colin is no longer batting at his head. He occasionally scratches, but it is in control for a very short time and not often. He only has headache days when he gets into gluten and he welcomes petting on his head and ears. He seems generally more relaxed and at ease. The work Patricia has done has been a godsend for our sweet dog."
~ Danalynn Young
Portland, Oregon

"Five years ago, my right hand girl Clear, a Border Collie, was paralyzed in her hind quarters secondary to spinal cord embolie. After two weeks with vets and a neurosurgeon I took her to Patricia, who had worked on her, and my other dogs previously. That night was the first time she regained some movement in her legs..... in the following next few months, with Patricia's help she progressed to walking well enough to lead a normal life. We raise sheep and cows, and our Border Collies work hard alongside us in all winds, and weathers, and also compete in sheepdog trials. They all visit South Hills PT on a regular basis, they love to see Patricia, I believe they know very well how much she helps them, and I give her huge credit and many thanks for keeping aAll of them sound and healthy."
~ Elissa Thau
Magnolia Farms Natural Lamb,
Roseburg, Oregon

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