Karen Dvornich, NTP, CGP, SAMP

Karen Dvornich

Karen has a very diverse background. While studying to be a veterinarian she decided switch and become a wildlife biologist with a focus on animal behavior. She conducted research in biodiversity and wildlife for 20 years at the University of Washington, Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. When she retired in 2011, Karen began taking nutrtion classes for people and animals.

In 2012 she received her certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. A year later became a Certified Gluten Practitioner, and in 2014 was certified as Small Animal Massage Practitioner.

After taking and then helping at Patricia Kortekaas's Animal Normalization Therapy classes annually since 2009, she decided it was time to move to Eugene and bring her nutrition skills to the Clinic.

Nutritional Therapists do more than create diet plans. They focus on the whole person to assess what role nutritional deficiencies, diet, and stress play in their client's health.

Being an avid researcher, Karen reviews her clients medications to understand their positive and negative effects on nutrition. She regularly attends week-long summits on the latest research to understand the importance of diet, minerals, fermented foods, and probiotics on digestion and mental health.

Through her work at the University, behavior research on captive cats at zoos, and as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, animal nutrition never took a back door to human nutrition. Karen has completed the Clinical Animal Nutrition course for dogs and provides nutrition consultation.

Additional Training: Certified Gluten Practioner, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Nutrigenomics, Small Animal Massage Practitioner, Certified Animal Normalization Therapy (ANT).

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